How to Lose Weight Sensibly?

You know the truth. It’s not that your jeans have shrunk or the scales are wrong – you’ve been overeating. You’re going to lose weight and you’re never going to get that podgy again. A good way to check if you are at a healthy weight is to calculate your Body Mass Index, BMI.

But how?

You’ve known others who’ve tried crash diets or calorie counting and they never keep it up. And anyway suddenly cutting down without enough vitamins and minerals to sustain good health, can be bad for you.

A new fad diet appears to start being promoted just before summer starts, but do they really work? Most of them carry short term success rates.

Fad diets

  • The Dukan diet for example, involves lots of protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer and severely limiting fat and carbohydrates. Refined sugary foods are cut out all together which medical experts approve of but not of the sudden weight loss. (And bad luck if you’re vegetarian, by the way.)

  • The Lighter Life diet, aimed at those bordering on obesity, involves a very low calorie intake and weekly counselling sessions. All your meals are in liquid replacement form, but again such rapid weight loss carries unpleasant side effects. However, as a short term measure it cuts the risk of ill health associated with obesity, and the counselling sessions are supportive psychologically.

  • The South Beach Diet, is based on foods with a low GI (Glycaemic Index), sugar is released slowly into your bloodstream and stabilises energy levels to stop sudden hunger, but doctors think certain foods that are high on the GI should be included for health and there are still the old problems associated with losing too much too quickly.

The trouble with diets in general is that it is very likely you will go back to normal eating and put the weight back on. Daily stresses of combining work and home life can make dieting unappealing. And what about all those cravings and desires and having to watch everyone else eat and drink what they like?


In fact the secret is all about habit. Don’t set yourself impossible targets but aim to eat less, exercise more. Keep cutting down on food portions over a period of time, exercise according to your fitness levels – a good walk, or cycling, swimming, whatever appeals – and the weight will start to go. Be patient and don’t stress. With less food going in, your stomach will start to shrink and the exercise will make you feel healthier and motivated. Medical research shows that by far the most successful way of losing weight and keeping it off is to get physical and change your eating habits for good, and that means for good!

Weight Watchers Online

With over 40 years experience, you might want to consider joining Weight Watchers Online. Trying to lose weight with other people can be a great motivator. The Weight Watchers community forum means you’ll be able to find out just how others manage to avoid eating too much cake.

Persevere and you’ll feel happier about yourself. Look ahead to the new, confident, and slender as you like, you.